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More Mixed Media

More Mixed Media

Christmas Gift 2012


Mixed Media Artwork

For a wedding gift

Meet Martelia’s Sheep


These are Martelia’s Sheep…………

Who was Martelia?  Martelia Clementine Trent Fox was my great-grandmother.  She named my mother, “Pauline” after her own mother, “Paulina Trent.”  Martelia was quite a woman.  She was Godly and a steadfast member of the church of Christ, of which I am proud to say, so am I…as was/is my mother, my grandmother and my daughter!

The idea for the sheep was created when a friend of mine began selling items to raise money for charities.  I also wanted to help.  I wanted something unique to offer her.  Something that could not be bought elsewhere or that anyone else could create,  something genuinely MINE.  I created the sheep from recycled braille paper donated to me by my parents to help with this project.  The paper being pure white, I got the idea of a lamb…it grew into a flock of sheep on a bunch of cards for my friend.  They needed a name and since we were doing geneology in our family, I looked for names to use.  Martelia came to mind first because I was doing a good deed, which would be a blessing for a Christian sister.  Without doubt, Martelia has been given an honored place in my home because of her tenacity for the Lord.

Enjoy the flock! Love to you all!

This card was made for “The Rubber Cafe” see link below:




These flower pot cards are so easy to make.  You simply cut out two forms of pots and adhere them at the three seams, making a pocket.  You then cut out two rectangles to form the card insert pocket.  Embellish the top down to the top of the pot, allowing a little overlap for dimension.  In the pocket on the back, insert your gift card and you are ready to go!!


Mixed Media


he whispered, "I'll never leave you alone...."


A Dream

I Remember This Tree

The Familiar House

This started as a doodle of a tree.  It morphed into something I dream about…I dream a lot about this house and the people who lived in it, who visited it, and lived around it.  It is a haunting and familiar, bittersweet dream filled with faces from my past.  These are the faces of my beginnings and are so near and dear to me…and slowly become echos and shadows of the used to be world.

Stamps of Life Butterflies

I was playing around with the new stamps from The { Stamps} of Life by Stephanie Barnard.  … I stamped them, trimmed them out…stamped my card….affixed them to the top of the stamped image with pop dots…and embellished.